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Superior Metal Spinning and Pressing

We provide complete metal spinning and pressing services that add unmatched value to product supply chains.

Our team of metal spinners and press workers specialise in the manufacture of high quality, technically precise products. Contact us now to discover how we can benefit your product.

Unsurpassed Quality

You won’t find metal spinning and pressing like this anywhere else. Your product will be checked for quality assurance at multiple key points throughout manufacturing.

Technical Expertise

Our highly skilled team of metal spinners and pressers are capable of manufacturing your product to your exact tolerances and your strict specifications.

Reliable Deliveries

A combination of careful planning, fast manufacturing times and next day delivery services means that you’ll always receive your products on-time and when you need them.

Personal Service

From design through to delivery, we’ll always provide you with a service that’s as personal as your product is. Contact us now to experience our service first hand.

Metal Spinning

Metal spinning is metalworking process that has developed from humble origins to become a highly skilled form of manufacturing. Metal spinning involves forming a sheet of metal over a custom-made tool in order to create a circular product. Our team of highly experienced metal spinners are trained to work with a wide range of different metals and product sizes.

Metal Pressing

Our metal pressing capabilities place us at the very forefront of the advanced manufacturing industry. Metal pressing involves precisely forming a sheet of metal under high pressure within an original custom-made press tool. Our metal press workers excel at manufacturing both small and large pressed products with strict tolerances and incredible consistency.

Metal Finishing

In addition to providing complete metal spinning and metal pressing solutions, we also offer a wide range of metal finishing operations to add the finishing touch to your product. Whether you choose plating, polishing or powder coating, our metal finishing operations will ensure that your product looks as professional as possible and stands out against the crowd. To enable an ever greater level of product customisation, our highly skilled team is proud to also offer product engraving. If you’re unsure of which metal finish would best suit your individual product, we’re delighted to offer a wide range of post-production samples so that you can make an informed decision.

Metal Spinning and Pressing Solutions that Just Work

“It’s comforting to know that there are at least some suppliers left in the country that put their customers first and can actually deliver a promise on time.”

Tony Williams, Research and Development, Endress and Hauser

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Collection of Spun Metal Products


Our team of highly skilled metal spinners are approached daily by customers requiring precision metal spinning that is simply outside the scope of other companies. With over eighty years of metal spinning experience, we have the ability to manufacture complex products with strict tolerances and incredible levels of quality.


Collection of Pressed Metal Products


Our dedicated metal press workers are specifically trained in manufacturing products with unsurpassed accuracy and incredible quality. Furthermore, our wide range of both hydraulic and mechanical presses enable us to manufacture products in a range of different metals, with fast manufacturing times and excellent consistency.


Mirror Polished Product


Our wide range of metal finishes will ensure your product stands out.

Spun Metal Product


We provide complete metal spinning and pressing services for all industries.

Spun Metal Product


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We're More Than Metal Spinners

We are a family-owned company that believes in always putting the customer first and never failing to deliver a promise. These values enable us to provide manufacturing solutions with incredible impact.

Steel Spinnings was founded in the year 1930 by the present owner’s grandfather, Albert Griffin. The vision was simple; to create a superior metal spinning company with skilled metal spinners, unsurpassed levels of quality and an unwavering attention to detail. Today, we like to think that we’ve not only fulfilled this vision, but exceeded it.

Based in Birmingham, our highly experienced team of metal spinners and press workers manufacture first-class products for customers all over the world. Furthermore, with over eighty years of experience, we’re able to achieve strict tolerances, exact specifications and tight deadlines across each and every product that we manufacture.

The team at Steel Spinnings is ready to receive your enquiry now and help you to obtain a supply chain solution tailored to your individual needs. Whether you require design advice and prototyping or already have a proven product, we have the skills that will bring your concepts to the marketplace.