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Complete Metal Finishing Solutions

Our extensive range of professional metal finishes will enhance the quality of your product and instantly accentuate it’s best features. We have partnered with some of the finest metal finishing suppliers around, enabling us to provide polishing, plating, powder coating, wet painting and engraving services at breakthrough price points. All of our metal finishing suppliers are regularly reviewed to ensure that the quality of their work meets the exacting standards that we demand. Because of this, you can be sure that your product will achieve the level of metal finishing excellence that it deserves.

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Metal Plated Product

Our Range of Stunning Metal Finishes

Collection of Products with Various Metal Finishes

Our Range of Metal Finishes has Something for Every Product


Metal Engraving and Stamping


Metal Polishing


Metal Wet Painting


Metal Powder Coating

Metal Spinning and Pressing Services With Real Results

“I am the buyer for Eaton Aerospace. I’ve worked with Steel Spinnings for a number of years. Their quality and on-time delivery is excellent. One of my best suppliers.”

Emma Davies, Buyer, Eaton Aerospace